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FROM THE BIG FREEK by: Eric Walton As I type this, I have a Stage 2 camshaft kit and timing set from 505 Perfo 4.0L in Project LJPFreek. There’s a long story here involving a Jeep recall and the oil pump drive as drive gear wearing each other so badly that the cam sensor started losing mode while doing 80 going down the highway. But I’ll save all of that for a What this whole situation did was make me think about the way many ser rides. After owning multiple Jeeps from as far back as the 70s, my take on evening on the highway was so different from a standard vehicle owner th the back of my head. I immediately went into “diagnosis mode,” checking for critical issues (oil taneously collect as many symptoms and clues as possible without panick possible causes in order to quickly decide what to do about the situation. “The Jeep’s still running. Still has oil pressure (mechanical gauge added.) and slow down. Not running hot. MIL is on. Seems to be repeatable at aro fuel, not close to killing the engine. Ok, I can keep it moving, watch the RP Most vehicle owners probably would have freaked out when their car deci 80 and would have been on the side of the road calling AAA. This isn’t unique to Jeep owners, and I’m not claiming that it is. Any gear h own work and isn’t in would do the same, b LJ home, this really h Folks who haven’t ow be intimidated by the hicles, but under it all been moving Jeeps a lot that you can still d eryone has to start so oil, install an intake ki a new bumper—we w and don’t be afraid to Jeep ownership is mo owners as you drive b dirty. Oh, and anyone want weekend? 2 JPFREEK • WINTER /SPRING 2017

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