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FROM THE BIG FREEK Social media sucks for asking Jeep questions. There — I said it. Take this screen grab from one of the larger Jeep groups on Bookface. It could have also been a tweet, an Instagram post or anything else out there on social, this one just happened to catch my attention after someone tagged me on it. The question seems silly to anyone that knows Jeep CJs or Wranglers, because even the Pygmy (the oldest existing Jeep we checked out in Alabama) had a folding windshield and a footman loop for strapping it down. However, the asker here turned out to be a ZJ owner who’d never owned/driven a Wrangler. He ended up with one as a service loaner, and thought to he’d ask the question of the group. I’m guessing that anyone reading this can guess what followed — a virtual beat down of insults and jokes at the guy’s expense. My experience is that Jeep folks as a group are better than this. I fi nd it sad that the insulation of distance inherent in social media allows people to say things to each other that they wouldn’t say, at the very least not in the same way, in person. Then, what’s almost worse, is how it’s popular to call out anyone that ever says anything in defense of folks like this guy as being “offended” or in need of a “thicker skin” because it’s “just social media.” News fl ash: it’s still a person-to-person interaction folks. Just because it’s keystrokes instead of spoken words, it’s somehow ok? If you’d jump in on the insults, ask yourself if you would really say that if he had been standing in front of you. Obviously, this go guessing there’s a reading this alrea another thin-skin I guess I’ll take th decency in all my not. As Bill and Ted w other.” And while you’re 2 JPFREEK • FALL 2016

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