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AEM Failsafe Wideband Air-Fuel/Boost Gauge With the addition of the supercharger to our 4.0, we wanted to be able to keep a better eye on how the engine was running and we knew that a wideband air-fuel gauge was the only way to go. Just as the super-charger was new to us, so was the installation and use of an air-fuel gauge. On multiple recommendations, we went with the AEM Failsafe unit that also shows vacuum and boost to replace our boost-only gauge in our A-pillar gauge pod. The gauge is programmable in multiple ways, comes with a series of interchangeable face plates in two colors for different setups and logs data so you can download the information AEM analysis and graphing software on a PC via a USB port. INSTALLATION This gauge is top-of-the-line and we admit that we’re using it in a fairly basic setup compared to what it’s capable of doing. In advanced instal-lations, alarm triggers can be programmed independently on the high and low end of the air-fuel range, the duration of time before an alarm is tripped is adjustable and the failsafe outputs of the gauge can be set to control a host of different engine management systems from electronic ignitions to water-methanol injection systems and much more. 152 JPFREEK • SUMMER 2015

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